VGBC  Village Green Bowls Club

In Memory of
 Annette Heidenreich

We unfortunately have recently lost one of our members, Annette Heidenreich. Annette, the 4th of 5 children, was born in St Louis, MO. At 19 she married Thomas Heidenreich and they had one son, Dennis. Tom and Annette moved from St Louis to Warrington, MO where Annette joined the Artisan Guild and took up wood working. From Warrenton she and Tom moved to Florida. When Tom died Annette made her way to HSV with a stop in Tennessee. Once in the Village Annette joined a group called Tiny Angel Suits who make layettes for preemie babies to be buried in. On a more cheerful note, she also joined us in Lawn Bowling and although she never could set a jack, she enjoyed the game and the company. She even became the “Poster Girl” for lawn bowling on the POA’s web site. 

Annette is survived by her son Dennis, two grandsons and two great grandchildren and her loving sister Sharon. She will be missed by her friends and fellow bowlers and especially by Sharon.

Think of her whenever the jack goes wandering off the rink.

Rest in peace dear friend.




Our open house went off without a hitch on Saturday. Volunteers showed up early and set up the signs and balloons and others set up the rinks and set out the snacks and prepared the drinks. We had about twenty members show up to help. I felt quite redundant but they soon put me to work showing our visitors how to bowl while others did the same on the other rinks. At the end of the day, around 4 o’clock, we had 18 names of people who expressed an interest in joining the club, there were about half a dozen who did not fill out the contact sheet. All in all a very successful Open House.

Thanks to all the members who attended. Those who did not attend you still have a chance of eating some of the goodies which will be in the refrigerator for a short time. 

Gayle is sending out a “Thank You” to all who left their names and I would like to thank all those who worked so hard to make it a success. 

As to the photo everyone was so busy this is the only shot that was taken near the end of the day.

As a footnote 3 people who attended the open house showed up for Open Bowling this Monday. Two of them had their husbands in tow, so we did generate some interest.

John Shoesmith

Social Saturday

Our first Social Saturday finally got off the ground after two weather delays. One for a week and the second for 3 hours. Rod showed up at 9 AM to redirect those who did not get or read their email.

22 members showed up for the event bringing a wide variety of goodies. Thank you all.  After the group photo, play got underway accompanied by much oohing and aahing and some friendly banter. It was noted that despite the players’ repeated requests the bowls did not respond to voice commands.

Halfway through the day we broke for snacks. At this point Jean and Charles Lewis showed up and Charles found the odd quarter or two and decided to try his luck. He then proceeded to win the very first contest he entered. (I will be calling a meeting to discuss the validity of this win). Towards the end of play we had some visitors show up and we did our best to strong-arm them into joining but they escaped with our flyer in hand.


Bowl to the corner-Short Game   Pat Shoesmith
Bowl to the corner- Long Game   Guenter Scharnowski
Knock Down 10 Pins   Charles Lewis
Roll Between 10 Pins   Sharon Sands
2 Bowls close to each other   Evelyn Wheatcroft
Bowl into the Box   Phil Cogan
Croquet   Gayle Annis
Setting the Jack   Cheyenne Benbow
Bowl at Jack near Ditch   John Shoesmith
Bowl to Center of Rink   Gayle Annis

I would like to extend a special thanks to Rod and Gayle Annis for all the hard work they put in to make this event a success.

John Shoesmith

The Winter League was just completed with the final order being decided on the last day. For results click below.

We have had to change the date for our Open House to give the POA an opportunity to complete the work around the seating areas. The new date for the open house is April 23rd.

March 2


This is the "New Website" as you can see. We hope to use it to inform members about Club activities, tournament, results, etc. I will try to update it on a bi-weekly basis (more often if I can manage it.). I hope you will use it and make some suggestions, always remembering that some things are physically impossible. Your feedback on the site's design and appearance will be appreciated and possibly ignored, just remember who you are dealing with. All joking aside I will try to use your ideas if they can be accomplished within the constraints of the Website software.

All The Best

John Shoesmith (President)


Year End Message

Happy New Year 2022 is here and I hope it is an improvement over 2021.

Well 2021 is in the history books with a big asterisk, which looks an awful lot like the covid virus. Despite the virus we did manage to complete all our scheduled events (Although Rod will tell you he thought the Pairs Tournament would never end.) Our best attended events, as always, were the Fun Saturdays. I would like to think it was because of the unusual bowling tests but it is more likely that the promise of food was the chief attraction. 

As we start the New Year I hope that I will see more of you on the Green, particularly in the Leagues and Tournaments. Some of these events count toward Bowler of the Year and all of them are fun.   As you will see from the schedule on our web site ( there will be an open house early in the year. This will require some volunteers to help on the day and some more to help prepare beforehand. I hope you all will not be backward in coming forward (to coin a phrase.) We will be asking for support nearer the day. So keep checking the web site.

So once again, Happy New Year see you on the Green.

All the best


John Shoesmith