VGBC  Village Green Bowls Club



 1, Sharon Sands & Charles Lewis 
 2, Pat Shoesmith & "Duff" Bungert  3, Rod Annis & John Shoesmith


Chilli Bowl Players ready for the off

The Chili Bowl was contested on Saturday 3/20. The members brought a variety of great dishes from Chili (what else) and all the fixins plus many great desserts it was a wonder that anyone was able to play after the break. As for the Bowling 24 members showed up. The players were split into 8 teams. The first round was an eight-end single elimination round, followed by a six-end single elimination second round and a four-end final round to determine the winners. 

The event drew 6 spectators and 2 members of the POA Recreation Commitee. Not a bad turnout for our first one day event. Next time you too could be a part of the fun!

First Place


Cheyenne Benbow

Mary Koscielniak 

Evelyn Wheatcroft



Second Place


Jeff Carls

Sharon Board 

John Jovonovich


Third Place

Duff Bungert

Rhoda Johnson        

Bob Benbow        


Fourth Place

Rod Annis         

Gayle Annis  

John Shoesmith